Miguel Sewnath

Orthopaedic surgeon

Areas of interest: including general orthopaedics, knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand


When I was a teenager, I knew for sure that I wanted to become a doctor. During my internships, I found every speciality fun and exciting. In the end, surgery appealed to me the most, especially musculoskeletal surgery. Someone presents with a disorder and through surgery you can immediately offer a solution. Moreover, in orthopaedics you really see all ages. The baby with hip dysplasia or the old-timer with a worn-out hip. This diversity makes the profession fun.
An operation is not always necessary. Very often you can help the patient with an injection, an aid or just good advice. Good listening and clear explanations. That is my working method. Looking for the request for help, that is the challenge for me. After that, we can start the treatment plan together. Success is then guaranteed!

  1. Affiliated with the Zaans Medical Centre since 2012

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