Martin Meinardi


Areas of interest: arrhythmias and pacemakers, cardiotoxicity of chemotherapy


An open, friendly atmosphere where patients trust me as a care provider, can tell their story well, feel safe and taken seriously, and also understand what kind of condition they have and what the treatment options are. That is important to me. Fortunately, I have limited experience as a patient, namely an admission after a cycling accident and a knee operation. I learned a lot from my role as a patient, which enabled me to put myself in the patient's shoes and to understand what is important for a good doctor-patient relationship.
It gives me a good feeling when I notice that a patient is happy and satisfied after a good conversation. It also gives me satisfaction to see that the treatment you have initiated has led to an improvement in the quality of life, especially if the patient's complaint has been resolved.
In my spare time I like to do sports (road bike, gym, tennis), listen to and play (piano and guitar) a lot of music, varying from classical to jazz and everything in between. There are many favourite books, including Stoner by John Edward and Bonita Avenue by Peter Buwalda. I thought Intouchables was a beautiful, moving film, and Big Fish gave me a lot of laughs.

  1. Affiliated with the Zaans Medical Centre since 2007

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